Are you dreaming of a specific luxury item? We offer two different ways to help you find your desired item. Please read more below and see which option is more suitable for you. 


The Waitlist is a passive way to receive updates on your desired item. This means we don’t actively search for your item, but we'll notify you if it becomes available in stock. If you'd like to add your information to the list, please fill out the form here. 

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We specialise in sourcing high-end handbags, watches, and accessories. 

Please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. We will review your request and determine if we can source the item for you.  

Once we have located the requested item, we will ask you to pay half of the price to secure the purchase, with the remaining balance due upon collection or delivery. Please note that all sourced items are first shipped to our showroom, where we carefully inspect and authenticate each piece before getting it to you. 

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